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The history and development of Islam in Germany

WEA Islamic Relations Coordinator gives seminar at Bibellesebund

(Bonn, 31.01.2024) The Islamic scholar and Islamic Relations Coordinator of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), Dr. Esther Schirrmacher, lectured about Islam in Germany at the Bibellesebund (BLB) in Marienheide on January 20.

Photo: Dr. Esther Schirrmacher during the seminar © BQ/SchirrmacherThe focus of this introductory seminar entitled “Islam in Germany – History and Development” was on the changes that have led to the increasing presence of Islam in Germany today. The one-day seminar, which was divided into three sessions, was attended by 30 participants, with a further 20 taking part online.

In the first section, Schirrmacher outlined the history of Islam in Germany since around 1915. The second section dealt with the development and organized appearance of Islam in Germany, starting with the first mosques, the various Islamic movements and the dissemination of Islam in magazines and publications. Finally, the third unit dealt with the more recent developments, manifestations and also areas of friction of Islam in this country. In a concluding excursus, the Islamic scholar compared the history of the Koran with the history of the Bible.

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