Political Islam


When Faith Turns Out to Be Politics

Christine Schirrmacher. Political Islam – When Faith Turns Out to Be Politics. The WEA Global Issues Series. Vol. 16. Culture and Science Publishing: Bonn, 2016, 70 pp., ISBN 978-3-86269-113-5.

Political Islam or Islamism–in contrast to Jihadism or terrorism–does not necessarily first and foremost have anything to do with violence. On the contrary, the large majority in the Islamic movement turned away from the use of violence long ago and is instead attempting to peacefully exert political and societal influence. Representatives of political Islam are well-trained political strategists who, in suits and ties and via organized Islam and Islamic organizations conduct resolute lobbying activities in Europe in order to promote the implementation of Islamic society. Christine Schirrmacher provides a sophisticated overview of the genesis of this global movement, its view of the world, and its goals, and she demonstrates that it is essentially a product of the twentieth century. The reader will additionally gain insight into the Muslim Brotherhood, the first institutionalized form of political Islam. At present it is the most interconnected and successful movement in the world.

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