Cover WEA-CDThe 10th edition of the WEA-CD can be downloaded as zip file on the website of the International Institute for Religious Freedom: WEA CD

The WEA-Global-Issues-Series


  1. Thomas K. Johnson: Human Rights (Download)
  2. Christine Schirrmacher: The Islamic View of Major Christian Teachings (Download)
  3. Thomas Schirrmacher: May a Christian Go to Court? (Download)
  4. Christine Schirrmacher: Islam and Society (Download)
  5. Thomas Schirrmacher: The Persecution of Christians Concerns Us All (Download)
  6. Christine Schirrmacher: Islam – An Introduction (Download)
  7. Thomas K. Johnson: What Difference does the Trinity Make (Download)
  8. Thomas Schirrmacher: Racism (Download)
  9. Christof Sauer (ed.): Bad Urach Statement (Download)
  10. Christine Schirrmacher: The Sharia: Law and Order in Islam (Download)
  11. Ken Gnanakan: Responsible Stewardship of God’s Creation (Download)
  12. Thomas Schirrmacher: Human Trafficking (Download)
  13. Thomas Schirrmacher: Leadership and Ethical Responsibility (Download)
  14. Thomas Schirrmacher: Fundamentalism (Download)
  15. Thomas Schirrmacher: Human Rights (Download)
  16. Christine Schirrmacher: Political Islam – When Faith Turns Out to Be Politics (Download)
  17. Thomas Schirrmacher, Thomas K. Johnson: Creation Care and Loving our Neighbors - Studies in Environmental Ethics (Download)
  18. Thomas K. Johnson, Thomas Schirrmacher, Christof Sauer (Ed.): Global Declarations on Freedom of Religion or Belief and Human Rights (Download)
  19. Thomas Schirrmacher, David Schirrmacher: Corruption: When Self-Interest Comes before the Common Good (Download)
  20. Christine Schirrmacher, Thomas Schirrmacher: The Oppression of Women: Violence – Exploitation – Poverty (Download)
  21. Christine Schirrmacher: Islam and Democracy: Can They Be Reconciled? (Download)
  22. Amanda Jackson, Peirong Lin (ed.): Co-workers and co-leaders: Women and men partnering for God’s work (Download)
  23. Bruce Nicholls: From Groaning to Liberation: A Christian response to creation care and climate change (Download)

The World-of-Theology-Series


  1. Thomas K. Johnson: The First Step in Missions Training: How our Neighbors are Wrestling with God’s General Revelation (pdf)
  2. Thomas K. Johnson: Christian Ethics in Secular Cultures (pdf)
  3. David Parker: Discerning the Obedience of Faith: A Short History of the World Evangelical Alliance Theological Commission (pdf)
  4. Thomas Schirrmacher (Ed.): William Carey: Theologian – Linguist – Social Reformer (pdf)
  5. Thomas Schirrmacher: Advocate of Love – Martin Bucer as Theologian and Pastor (pdf)
  6. Thomas Schirrmacher: Culture of Shame / Culture of Guilt (pdf)
  7. Thomas Schirrmacher: The Koran and the Bible (pdf)
  8. Thomas Schirrmacher (ed.): The Humanisation of Slavery in the Old Testament (pdf)
  9. Jim Harries: New Foundations for Appreciating Africa: Beyond Religious and Secular Descriptions (pdf)
  10. Thomas Schirrmacher: Missio Dei: God’s Missional Nature (pdf)
  11. Thomas Schirrmacher: Biblical Foundations for 21st Century World Mission: 69 Theses Toward an Ongoing Global Reformation (pdf)
  12. William Wagner, Mark Wagner: Can Evangelicals Truly Change the World? How Seven Philosophical and Religious Movements Are Growing (pdf)
  13. Thomas Schirrmacher: Modern Fathers – Neither Wimps nor Tyrants (pdf)
  14. Jim Harries: Jarida juu ya Maisha ya MwAfrika katika huduma ya Ukristo (pdf)
  15. Peter Lawrence: Fellow Travellers: A Comparative Study on the Identity Formation of Jesus Followers from Jewish, Christian and Muslim Backgrounds in the Holy Land (pdf)
  16. William Wagner: From Classroom Dummy to University President: Serving God in the Land of Sound of Music (pdf)
  17. Thomas K. Johnson, David Parker, Thomas Schirrmacher (ed.): In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: Teaching the Trinity from the Creeds to Modern Discussion (pdf)
  18. Mark Wagner and William Wagner (Ed.): Halfway Up the Mountain: Restoring God’s Purpose in this Chaotic World (pdf)
  19. Thomas K. Johnson: The Protester, the Dissident, and the Christian: Essays on Human Rights and Religion (pdf)
  20. Thomas K. Johnson: Humanitarian Islam, Evangelical Christianity, and the Clash of Civilizations: A New Partnership for Peace and Religious Freedom (pdf)
  21. Thomas K. Johnson: Christian Ethics in Secular Cultures (Vol. 2) (pdf)
  22. Reuben van Rensburg, Zoltan Erdey Thomas Schirrmacher (ed.): “Be Focused ... Use Common Sense ... Overcome Excuses and Stupidity ...”: Festschrift in Honor of Dr. Manfred Waldemar Kohl (pdf)
  23. John W. Ewing: Goodly Fellowship: A Centenary Tribute to the Life and Work of the World’s Evangelical Alliance 1846–1946. Jubilee Reprint of the 1946 Edition (pdf)
  24. Thomas K. Johnson, William S. Barker (ed.): The Decalogue Project – Disciples from Six Continents Engage God’s Ten Commandments (pdf)
  25. Hannes Wiher: Holistic Mission: An Historical and Theological Study of Its Development, 1966–2011 (pdf)