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The World Evangelical Alliance contributes to the matter of digitization

“The 4th Industrial Revolution from an Ethical Perspective”

(Bonn, 03.05.2020) As a result of last years ‘Digital World Network’ (initiated by the European Evangelical Alliance) the World Evangelical Alliance’s Business Coalition compiled a team of 7 international experts to write about the 4th Industrial Revolution from an ethical perspecitve, which has now been published by the Dutch foundation Sallux.

book coverThe authors are:

  • Prof. Dr. Jack Barentsen (Belgium)
  • Andrew Bunnell (USA)
  • Jonathan Ebsworth (UK)
  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Henning (Germany)
  • Prof. Dr. Bruce A. Little (USA)
  • Jeremy Peckham (UK)
  • Rev. Timo Plutschinski (Germany)

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution ushers into a new era of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, how should we respond to the societal and ethical dilemmas associated with this new age of transformative scientific power?

This research highlights the need for an ethical and globally shared view on how technology affects the economic, social, cultural and spiritual aspects of daily life.

Due to the international and heterogeneous team, this book outlines consequences of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in a broad range for business and work life, for leadership, for media and communication, for churches and for personal and family life.

In his editorial introduction, the International Director of the WEA Business Coalition, Rev. Timo Plutschinski, claims: â€œOur hope and desire is that this publication will inspire, guide and lead people towards a responsible view on most recent technological developments. Today’s decision-makers are too often trapped in traditional, linear thinking or are too absorbed by the multiple crises demanding their attention, to think strategically about the forces of disruption and innovation shaping our future.”

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