Bonner Querschnitte 47/2018 Ausgabe 564 (eng)


Anthology “Gegenwart und Zukunft des Internats” published

Boarding school representatives from the whole German-speaking area discuss criteria for quality assurance of boarding school education

Cover Gegenwart und Zukunft des Internats: Bestandsaufnahme und Forschungsaufgaben(Bonn, 21.12.2018) ‘Present and future of the boarding school: Survey and research tasks’ is the title [translated] of a new volume in the scientific series ‘Pedagogy in Europe: The Past and The Future’ published by Culture and Science Publ. (VKW). The volume documents the start-up to a long-needed discussion about an institution with a great tradition and innovative possibilities. The authors are ranked among the few specialists and experts who deal with the scientific analysis and conception of the boarding school and the task of social learning. They represent boarding schools of highly diverse sponsorship, history, and orientation.

Boarding schools want to be more than a tutoring studio or an afternoon childcare scheme. The criteria formulated conduce to quality assurance and quality improvement in boarding school pedagogy, and thereby in boarding schools. In this volume a range is spanned from boarding school literature, boarding school pedagogy, dealing with closeness and distance, to the development of all-day schools. If you want to understand all-day schools, you have to know boarding schools.

The contributions

All contributions are in German. The titles have been translated into English for information’s sake.

  • Florian Fock, Christopher Haep, Gerhard Pfister, Opening Address
  • Paulus Koci, On the Introduction: From the ‘Edukanat’ to the Science Day of Boarding School Education 2016
  • Karin Lauermann, Research Landscape on Boarding School Education and Afternoon Care – A Review of the Current Situation
  • Volker Ladenthin, Future tasks of scientific boarding school research
  • Heinz-Werner Poelchau, Scientific Studies with Children and Young People
  • Ivo Züchner / Katrin Peyerl, Growing up at the place of residence boarding school
  • Jürgen Rekus, Social Learning in School and Boarding School
  • Volker Ladenthin, Tasks and possibilities of boarding school education
  • Christopher Haep, Internationality in boarding schools and in boarding school education
  • Paulus Koci, New Beginning after a Trauma – Ways of a New Beginning

The Authors

    • Florian Fock, Chairman of the Board ‘Die Internate Vereinigung e.V.’.
    • Christopher Haep, Dr.; Head of the School and University Department, Archdiocese of Hamburg; former Chairman of the ‘Verband Katholischer Internate und Tagesinternate (V.K.I.T.) e.V.’; Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the V.K.I.T.; Editor of ‘Grundfragen der Internatspädagogik. Theorie und Praxis’.
    • P. Paulus Koci, Dipl. Theol., Dipl. Soz. Päd. (FH), Salzburg; Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of V.K.I.T. e.V.
    • Volker Ladenthin, Prof. Dr.; Professor for Systematic and Historical Pedagogy at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn; co-editor of the handbook ‘Das Internat’.
    • Karin Lauermann, Prof. Dr.; Director of the Federal Institute for Social Pedagogy, Baden (Lower Austria); Vice-President of the International Pedagogical Workshop.
    • Katrin Peyerl, MA; Scientific Assistant at the Philipps-University Marburg, Department of Educational Sciences, Institute of Educational Sciences.
    • Gerhard Pfister, National Councillor, Dr., President Private Education Switzerland (PBS).
    • Heinz-Werner Poelchau, Hon. Prof. Dr.; University of Bielefeld, Faculty of Education; former Head of Department in the Ministry of Education of the State of NRW.
    • Marie-Theres Pütz-Böckem, Graduate sociologist, social worker (grad.); Managing Director of the ‘Verband Katholischer Internate und Tagesinternate e.V.’.
    • Jürgen Rekus, Prof. Dr.; Professor em. for Pedagogy at the University of Karlsruhe.
    • Ivo Züchner, Prof. Dr.; University lecturer at the Philipps-University Marburg, Department of Educational Science, Institute of Educational Science.

Bibliographical information:

  • Christopher Haep, Paulus Koci, Volker Ladenthin, Marie-Theres Pütz-Böckem (Ed.). Gegenwart und Zukunft des Internats: Bestandsaufnahme und Forschungsaufgaben. Bonn: Verlag für Kultur und Wissenschaft (VKW), 2018. 145 pp. ISBN 978-3-86269-164-7.

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