The Epistle to James - A Commentary (2 Volumes)


The Epistle to James - A Commentary (2 Volumes) VKW, Bonn: 2006. 866 S. Pb. 50.00 â?¬ ISBN 978-3-932829-54-3

"Dieser aus dem Unterricht in Deutschland, Afrika und USA zusammengestellte, allgemein verständliche Kommentar zum Jakobusbrief betont sowohl die Auslegung des einzelnen Verses als auch die Gesamtbotschaft, die für heute aktuell ist.
Henry Krabbendam demonstrates:

  • That James is a teacher of grace as all other apostles
  • That James only can be understand against the backdrop of the complementarity of truth present in all Christian teaching
  • That James' pastoral and practical heart nevertheless makes him a superb systematic theologian
  • That James' message of holiness and the message of the Reformation are not alien to each other, but belong together as two sides of one coin

This commentary is what I would like all commentaries to be:

  • Oriented to practical life, that is a life of holiness, but nevertheless discussing the text itself in detail
  • Pastoral, yet exegetical
  • Detailed, taken the inspired Word seriously word by word, and at the same time not lost in details, but systematically putting the pieces of the puzzle together in

Thomas Schirrmacher in seinem Vorwort."